Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Fun!

 Here's some fun Halloween sets to decorate with!  It's not too late to get them!!  These are some fun designs that can come separately or as a set.  You can find a couple of the sets on my Etsy site, found HERE.

Friday, January 13, 2012

And Goal #2:

Goal #2... Cleaning...
Last week I started talking about my goals for the year and taking them one at a time.
I try very hard to keep a clean home.  It amazes me how I can clean-up one room, walk to the next and in a matter of 30 seconds my kids can completely demolish the first room I was in.  Sometime I'm going to take a stop watch and see just how long it takes them.  I'll watch behind a door... maybe there's little gremlins that come out as well...
Anyway, I have decided that even though there may be clutter, as long as it's clean, we're all healthy and the clutter will go as the kids get older.  (Sad thought, really.)
So, I know I've talked about it before, but my "gold mine" was finding Becky at Clean Mama.  She's doing a clean and organized 2012.  Go HERE.

It's a great way to clean.  She has printables for daily cleaning that keeps you on task and makes it so it's not so overwhelming.  Plus, you throw in a deep cleaning schedule and pretty soon a little bit at a time keeps you so you're not going crazy when guests drop in... or when your baby throws a toy in the toilet and then digs it back out... (yes, this just happened.)
I have a crawler, so it's important to me to keep choking hazards off the floors and to keep him so he's not getting sick from crawling in the carpet.

And what does this have to do with vinyl... right?  Stay tuned for next's week's Goal #3.  They go hand in hand and you'll see the many uses of vinyl around your home.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year. New Me. New Goals. Good Luck.

I try very hard to accomplish goals when I set them.  But, for some reason, as so many of us do... I fizzle out over a few weeks.  Growing up, in my church, from the time you're 8 on, you get to work on goals and as you pass them off, you get awarded prizes, or medallions, and it's a great thing to say you earned the top prize.... (Kind of like scouting... but without badges and stuff.)
Anyway, I always did this.  But as I get older, I set a goal and then find out how unrealistic it is.  Such as:  get up every day at 6:00 and exercise.  Now, I LOVE my sleep and my bed.  I like to stay cozied up in my covers.  When my kids come pouncing at the wee hours I am always so sad it's already time to get up.  So, 6:00 a.m. for me just doesn't work.  I know some of you out there are the epitome of this and easily fly out of bed when the alarm rings and busy yourself with 5 miles of running followed by a perfectly made breakfast for your family.  For me?  not happening.
So, this year, I am setting goals that I know I can reach.  I'm writing them down, placing them here, and making it happen.  With the help of some FABULOUS bloggers out there, I am going to be successful and reward myself with something.  Like a new shirt.  I like new clothes.

Goal #1:
With the help of Crystal & Co, I am Menu Planning.  Go HERE.  I'm following her plan and I'm becoming a Menu Planner.  She says to make something to display it, so that I did.  Here it is!  My EASY step-by-step menu planning displayer. (I know that's not a word, but it works.)

First, here's all you need.  Rough, right?  A frame... your choice of size.  (I did a 12x12 shadow box frame) A scrapbook paper (same size as your frame) and the vinyl (that's where I come in)!  

Simply take the back off the frame and put in the paper:

Then put the back of the frame back on.  (So far so good, right?)
Then, flip it over and put your vinyl on:

And you're done!  That was soooo painless, right?  Then just use a dry erase marker (I guess you'll need that too... forgot that supply) and write your menu on.

Simple as that, you have way to display your menu.  
Plus, having it out to see makes it more likely you'll use it!  :)

The vinyl?  
For an 8x10 will be $8.00
For a 12 x 12 will be $12
For a 12 x 12 kit like this to do yourself, $25 (shipped to most places U.S.).
Your choice of color and your choice of wording and fonts.
I choose easy to read fonts because I have a lot of little eyes.  Plus we needed something kind of fun on top.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not too late!

Can you believe it's already 3 days into December?  It amazes me at how fast time seems to just slip by.  Especially around the Holidays.  Once Halloween hits, it seems like the next week is Thanksgiving, the next week Christmas, then New Years, and I'm suddenly already taking down the tree I just barely put up!
But, it's not too late to do shopping!  We can still get you items in time for Christmas!  We have so many fun designs that would please anyone and gift certificates to let someone pick their own stuff!
But, have you thought about personalizing your Christmas?  How about personalizing your Christmas ornaments?  Or having a home made Christmas and you being able to smile proudly when they say did you make this?  YES!!  And add some vinyl to your home made project.  Need ideas?  I'm so happy to share a bunch!
Have you made your list?
Personalize a tumbler for that hard to shop for person!

Parents?  Children? Teachers?  Bus Driver? Church associations?  In-laws?  Brothers/Sisters? 

Grab a frame and add a personalized touch to it.  Glue in the glass and there you go!
Get a tile from Lowes/Home Depot or your local tile store and add a quote, saying, name, monogram...
Order a monogram for their wall, car, or add it to a frame, tile, window, wood, plate...
How about a cute monogram or graphic for a cell phone or lap top?
Need more?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Holidays are upon us!

It's that time of year again.  Craziness settles in as shoppers frantically rush from place to place trying to get the best deals.  I always have a goal to be done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving and I have yet to meet that goal.  In fact, the last few days before Christmas I'm usually out gathering up last minute treats and figuring out what I've missed.
However, when it comes to decorating for Christmas, I'm ALWAYS on time!  I LOVE to decorate for the holidays.  In fact it is pretty much the only time that everything comes down and new comes in.... Well new as in new out of my storage boxes...
So, here's a fun little decoration for anywhere in your home.  Put them on a stand or as a center piece, maybe on the wall, or wherever you'd like to add a little Holiday spirit.

These are available at my Etsy shop, HERE or you can contact me at sales(at)sayityourway(dot)org

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DAY 27: Always something new

One of the most fun things about vinyl is there is always something new.  New designs, new ideas.  Custom orders from so many people that you get to meet GREAT people and you get to see their fun ideas.  It's amazing all the things that come out when you put some heads together.
Today's newest designs are these...
Fun, huh?  All the little things you can do to your walls, ceilings, cars, fridges, windows, stoves, mixers (picture coming), tool box, lunch box, picture frames... do I need to keep going?  Ideas area endless!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DAY 26: This week's weekly grab

Wednesdays this Fall through the Holiday season I am announcing a weekly grab.  This week's weekly grab is to help you get ready for your upcoming feast!  All Thanksgiving designs are 25% off this week!  Use them for decor, table centerpieces, put them on coasters, personalize your plates/glasses for the big meal.  There are so many fun ideas and designs.  We have over 40 Thanksgiving designs.  Want to see more?  Check our my facebook page or my catalog!

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