Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year. New Me. New Goals. Good Luck.

I try very hard to accomplish goals when I set them.  But, for some reason, as so many of us do... I fizzle out over a few weeks.  Growing up, in my church, from the time you're 8 on, you get to work on goals and as you pass them off, you get awarded prizes, or medallions, and it's a great thing to say you earned the top prize.... (Kind of like scouting... but without badges and stuff.)
Anyway, I always did this.  But as I get older, I set a goal and then find out how unrealistic it is.  Such as:  get up every day at 6:00 and exercise.  Now, I LOVE my sleep and my bed.  I like to stay cozied up in my covers.  When my kids come pouncing at the wee hours I am always so sad it's already time to get up.  So, 6:00 a.m. for me just doesn't work.  I know some of you out there are the epitome of this and easily fly out of bed when the alarm rings and busy yourself with 5 miles of running followed by a perfectly made breakfast for your family.  For me?  not happening.
So, this year, I am setting goals that I know I can reach.  I'm writing them down, placing them here, and making it happen.  With the help of some FABULOUS bloggers out there, I am going to be successful and reward myself with something.  Like a new shirt.  I like new clothes.

Goal #1:
With the help of Crystal & Co, I am Menu Planning.  Go HERE.  I'm following her plan and I'm becoming a Menu Planner.  She says to make something to display it, so that I did.  Here it is!  My EASY step-by-step menu planning displayer. (I know that's not a word, but it works.)

First, here's all you need.  Rough, right?  A frame... your choice of size.  (I did a 12x12 shadow box frame) A scrapbook paper (same size as your frame) and the vinyl (that's where I come in)!  

Simply take the back off the frame and put in the paper:

Then put the back of the frame back on.  (So far so good, right?)
Then, flip it over and put your vinyl on:

And you're done!  That was soooo painless, right?  Then just use a dry erase marker (I guess you'll need that too... forgot that supply) and write your menu on.

Simple as that, you have way to display your menu.  
Plus, having it out to see makes it more likely you'll use it!  :)

The vinyl?  
For an 8x10 will be $8.00
For a 12 x 12 will be $12
For a 12 x 12 kit like this to do yourself, $25 (shipped to most places U.S.).
Your choice of color and your choice of wording and fonts.
I choose easy to read fonts because I have a lot of little eyes.  Plus we needed something kind of fun on top.

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  1. Oh, I love this! What a great idea to help moms get dinner on the table. {{wink,wink}}

    Thank you so much for linking up!


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